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Our Why

We believe healthy plants start with a strong root system. Like many things in life, the foundation of which others build upon is required to stand the test of time. Our passion for helping growers succeed has led us to invent the first of its kind aeroponic plant cloning system that produces exceptional root yield and is ridiculously easy to maintain.

All of our innovations are designed to make the grower successful. Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, we aim at making plant propagation fun and easy for you.

Let’s Grow

Through the decades, we have seen many businesses come and go and like all market successes, we have witnessed numerous “clones” of our products. While there are many imitators in the market, we continue to experience growth. We like to think the collective people are getting back to basics, doing what brings peace, joy, and abundance.

Our products are specially designed to give plant propagation a high yield in root growth so growers experience the many joys of propagation with ease. So let’s get rooted and get growing!

EZ‑CLONE® is proud to be distributed by these amazing brands.

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EZ-CLONE® is distributed by these amazing brands.

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