Product Warranty

What’s Not Covered Under Warranty

Lifetime limited warranties, the good, the bad, and the not covered under warranty. Many companies offer a warranty program as an incentive to purchase their products. Others offer warranties as a way of demonstrating their product’s quality and workmanship. EZ-CLONE Enterprises Inc. offers a limited lifetime warranty on all our water pumps and a three-year limited lifetime warranty on all our plastics against any manufacturing defect. If you receive a new in-a-box product from us or one of our authorized retailers, then we will replace said part with no expense to you. Who else offers such customer service in this industry? Being able to offer such an outstanding warranty to the indoor gardening community not only speaks volumes for the quality of our products but also demonstrates that we are human too and if we have made an error, we will do what we can to make things right. Accidents happen, but the manner in which we rectify such wrongdoings separates us from the competition. While we do love taking care of our excellent customers, there are still a few things that our warranty still will not cover. Let’s take a look at some of the circumstances that are not covered under warranty.